My Philosophy

I think it is human to suffer and to experience joy and connection and transcendence to. There are times in everyone’s life where we feel overwhelmed, stuck, or unhappy. Counselling offers understanding, new perspectives and clarity. Coaching offers focus, energy and inspiration. Both offer the possibility of change.

Often we feel like we are on the same old hamster wheel, or even that life is drudgery. We know we are not looking to the left or right and we are in tunnel vision. These are the times coaching can really help by cracking us open to new ideas and fresh insights. Then there is a possibility to live a more purposeful and conscious life. We can learn from our experiences and live more wisely.

Many times in our lives we are repeating moods, emotions, behaviours, arguments, relationships or addictions. We can feel trapped and unable to see a way out. This mindset can drag us down but counselling can help energise us – whereas left on our own the energy for change can peter out. Counselling equips us with the truth so we can make wise decisions. It can facilitate a change in our outlook, unhelpful beliefs and behaviours.

Sometimes events or difficult circumstances bring us to counselling. Crises happen in all our lives: bereavements, divorce, serious illness and job loss to name a few. Or we have to face transitions and changes: parenthood, new jobs, menopause, retirement and new relationships for instance. Or we may have experienced particularly difficult times in our childhood which we know is affecting us. Counselling can help us understand these crises, changes and childhood experiences so that we can move on in less pain and sadness.

My philosophy stands on the shoulders of the greats. The existential philosophers, the spiritual thinkers, the psychotherapists and psychoanalysts of the last 2500 years. Other teachers along the way include my clients, my students and my own experience of living and loving.

My blogs have yet more to say…