Talks, Workshops & Course

I have taught counselling and psychotherapy for many years (at The Open University, The New School of Counselling and Psychotherapy and Barnet and Southgate College). I have been a facilitator of workshops and courses designed to enhance mental health and well-being at various venues, including The Coldash Retreat Centre and the charity Heart Reach. I have also delivered talks and lectures on mental health and well-being at places as diverse as The Royal Festival Hall and six form colleges.


I come into institutions and companies and help identify strengths and weaknesses in the promotion of mental health. Concrete strategies would be identified for the meaningful improvement of policy, practice and working relationships.

Workshops and short courses

I run courses periodically for the general public. However, I can also tailor make workshops and short courses for interested parties. Subjects include: resilience, failure, self-care, relationships, conflict management, confidence and feedback.

Group facilitation

I will be running parenting workshops throughout the year. Watch this space for more details.