Emma was my tutor for four years and I always found her truly inspirational, charismatic and motivating. She is a serene and warm person and I feel very fortunate to have been taught by Emma as her way of being captivated me. – Elaine Fernandez, Former Student, Counsellor

Emma Wilkinson was a key person in my life who successfully re-introduced me to a new sense of purpose and even happiness.  I now have in-depth self-knowledge acquired through her objectivity, enormous sensitivity, awareness and her openness. Her own knowledge and practice were profound and she had the great gift of being able to listen and open up new pathways to change. – Anonymous Counselling Client, Barnet

Hi, Emma wilkinson tutored me for four years Emma is a fair,dynamic and inspirational tutor. Emma believed in me when I could not believe in my self. – Greg Thorneycroft, Former Student and Addictions Counsellor

Emma was my tutor for two years. With her unfailing support and encouragement I grew from within. She is a cauldron of therapeutic knowledge and yet presents with a wonderful combination of kindness, honesty and a unique depth of empathy.   Above all, she has a great sense of humour when appropriate and can laugh at herself and with others. She was, and still is, a powerful inspiration within my journey as a therapist. – Kerrie Hipgrave, former student, Student Counsellor and Counsellor in Private Practice

For me the experience of counselling was the endeavour to becoming real and true. Having a counsellor like Emma who encompasses those qualities with a huge amount of kindness and empathy thrown in, made me feel like I wasn’t alone on that journey! – Anonymous Counselling Client, Dubai